Today's guest post comes from Michael Miller, Vice President of Global Alliances and Marketing at SUSE. In this post, Michael describes SUSE's integration with Google Compute Engine.

We’re happy to bring SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to Google Compute Engine for all machine instance types. We’re committed to delivering products that offer the performance, reliability, security and scalability that development teams and IT operations groups require when moving to the cloud.

One of our key focus areas from the beginning that has only escalated in importance is the delivery of the most scalable operating system possible. Using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Google Compute Engine gives users access to an operating system that is certified with 4,096 logical CPUs and 64 TiB of RAM and contains the OFED Stack for low-latency, inter-machine communication. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server also ships with the XFS file system and Btrfs, a more resilient file system with improved scalability and data integrity.

With more than 10,000 applications from over 1,500 ISVs certified on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, we believe that running SUSE on Google Compute Engine will offer customers a highly resilient infrastructure for building and running their workloads in a public cloud environment. We also include a comprehensive software developer kit (SDK) with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The SDK includes versioning tools (git, subversion), Perl, Python, PHP and Ruby on Rails and helps make SUSE Linux Enterprise Server an ideal platform for Google Compute Engine users to develop and test new applications. And to simplify the deployment, configuration and administration of workloads on Google Compute Engine, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server also includes an integrated suite of management tools (YaST, AutoYaST, Zypp and a small footprint CIM broker).

Whether developing new applications or bringing existing workloads, this is just some of the innovation that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server will offer Google Compute Engine users.

-Contributed by Michael Miller, Vice President of Global Alliances and Marketing, SUSE